Universal Urological X-ray Workstation with the LithoSpace® Premium

Your wishes

  • Urological X-ray workstation with all diagnostic and therapeutic applications including urodynamics
  • Lithotripter with all degrees of freedom and high efficiency, which is combined with the workstation
    only during therapy
  • State-of-the-art X-ray imaging at a 90° intervention table
  • Interdisciplinary use of the workstation and the shock wave system

Our performance

  • The individual possibilities of movement make the LithoSpace® Premium the world's most flexible shock wave source
  • The efficient electro-hydraulic shock wave offers you the greatest therapeutic volume and is unsurpassed in penetration and effectiveness
  • The universal 3D-SuperVision navigation temporarily combines the LithoSpace® Premium with an urological X-ray workstation without mechanical connection and displays the location and size of the treatment volume in the X-ray image

You get

  • All urological interventions, including urodynamics and ESWL in one room and at one workstation
  • Unlimited interdisciplinary use and amortization option

The unique LithoSpace® Premium leaves nothing to be desired.

LithoSpace Premium

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