Endourological Workstation

Arrange your own endourological workstation with the extracorporeal shock wave LithoSpace® Endo to obtain a minimally invasive treatment unit.

The intelligent 3D-SuperVision navigation system allows the touchless connection of various X-ray C-arms and ultrasound systems. All components can be used without re-calibration by the operator. In combination with an endourological treatment table, you will receive an overall solution tailor-made to your needs.

As easily as you can combine the LithoSpace® Endo with the components of your choice to your lithotripsy workstation today, other future combinations with the continued use of the LithoSpace® Endo are possible at any time. No other shock wave system offers you this freedom of choice.

We will gladly assist you on the selection of the optimum combination for your individual endourological workstation.

LithoSpace Endo

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