The LithoSpace® Basic in Combination with Existing Units

You already own a C-arm, an ultrasound system or a urological table and wish to use these devices also on a lithotripsy workstation. Integrate the shock wave of the LithoSpace® Basic with these already existing components to create an endourological workstation.

You can temporarily combine your equipment with the LithoSpace® Basic to form a lithotripsy system without a mechanically fixed connection. The contact-free aiming equipment "3D-SuperVision" imports the medical images from the ultrasound and X-ray system and displays the therapy volume in real time.

After stone therapy, the LithoSpace® Basic is moved into the parking position and can be rolled out of the room to save space. The room is completely free for other applications.

Use your already existing units and save yourself space and expenses.

LithoSpace Basic

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