The urological workstation with extracorporeal shock waves.

In modern urology, the X-ray workstation and its periphery are the focus of current advances in diagnosis and therapy.

The LithoSpace® is part of this optimal periphery.

The intelligent navigation system 3D-SuperVision for X-ray and ultrasound localization, inserts the LithoSpace® into the universal philosophy of being able to perform all urological interventions at one workstation.

When needed, the LithoSpace® can be temporarily integrated into the urological workstation as a lithotripsy component, without any mechanically rigid connection, and can be set aside just as easy after the treatment to save space.

This enables customized solutions for individual clinical needs:

  • Universal, urological X-ray workstation with the LithoSpace®Premium
  • Endourological workstation with the LithoSpace®Endo
  • The LithoSpace®Basic in combination with existing units

All combinations with the highly flexible, efficient LithoSpace® enable an intuitive application of the therapy head for all treatment positions, even for difficult stones.

The shockwave source LithoSpace® with its large focal volume raise the quality of the therapy and optimize the desintegration results significantly.

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